Julian Butch Dixon

Julian Butch Dixon is a bit shy as we talk to him in front of the camera. It is because English is not his 1st language, however this is as well his very first solo masturbation before camera here at butchdixon.com. Julian is a sexy, 31-year-old Frenchman. He is gay and comes from France. He is wearing a nice two day’s growth beard on his sexy face ? We love his look ? and he has got the hottest doe-brown eyes.

Julian likes his man, tall, handsome and with big cocks, of course. But for this shooting he decided to give you guys a close up with him and with his hard tool. I’m sure you guys missed him all alone in a gallery so here it is. He started taking off his clothes one by one and before you know it he was jerking off his fat cock in front of the camera so don’t miss it! Watch him playing with his tool for the camera!

julian jerking off at butch dixon

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Harley Everett and Diesel O Green

Harley is a new face here but Diesel is a regular here at Butch Dixon. Diesel told Harley that he has a pretty big cock so he became curious if he was lying. Well fortunately for him he wasn’t and you all know how big Diesel is. Sure enough Harley was in for the wildest anal fuck night that he’s ever going to experience.

Diesel wanted to show Harley that he wasn’t lying so he took him in an empty to show him. Of course from there things escalated and they ended up both completely naked taking turns on sucking each others cock. Diesel knew it from the start so he closed the door and made sure he got what he wanted from Harley. For sucking the guys jumped to some rough butthole hammering and that’s how their night ended. Enjoy it and don’t forget that you can find similar gay sex movies inside the http://spankthis.net/ blog, so check it out!

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Michel Rudin and Dominic Pacifico

The sparks fly in this very hot butch dixon gallery as Michel and Dominic take a romantic bath together. The two wanted to spice up their relationship with a very hot and romantic bath. And you can see how passionately Rudin is sucking Dominic’s cock. See these two fuck each other thoroughly ion the ass in this new update.

Michael thought his relationship with Dominic wasn’t going so well so he made him a surprise the other day and waited for him in a romantic set up. The hot male prepared a romantic bath, with music candles and everything in between. Once Dominic got home and saw him he started undressing and before he got next to him, he was completely naked and ready for some action. He got closer to the tub and Michael did what he knows better and started sucking his hard tool and didn’t stop until he got covered with creamy loads of cum all over his body. Enjoy it!

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Butch Dixon – Billy Baval and Jeff Stronger

Billy and Jeff are the new Butch Dixon gay best friends. Billy wanted to try another partner for this new session and we paired him up with Jeff. And surely the sparks started to fly as soon as the two were undressed and sucking each other’s cocks. See them fuck each other’s asses in this nice update.

Biily and Jeff are the best match, they are both hot and have huge cocks. I told you they are the perfect match! You can imagine that it didn’t took them too long to start undressing each other and making out passionately. Then the guys started taking turns on sucking each others hard cock, they just couldn’t get all covered with creamy loads of cum all over they worked out bodies. But that was only the beginning because they continued with hammering with each other senseless. Enjoy it! If you’re looking for similar hardcore gay sex videos, you can join the www.eastboys.net website! Have fun!

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Macanao Torres and Sergio Moren

Macanao Torres is a fresh face here at butchdixon.com and he’s here with the purpose to fuck. And fortunately for him Sergio is all lubed up and ready with his ass to take Torres’s huge pole. At the end he said it was the best anal fuck he’d had in years, and that Macanao knows how to fuck a tight ass.

Macanao and Sergio are at their first scene together but they sure enjoyed it. The guys clicked the first time they saw each other and agreed to the scene as soon as they heard the offer.They booked a hotel room and got things going. They ripped each others clothes off and started making out and sucking each others cocks until they were both hard and ready for some rough pounding. Then the guys started taking turns on hammering each others butthole. If you want to see some straight guys getting their big cocks sucked by horny gay guys, enter the like em straight site!


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ButchDixon – intense BDSM scene

In this butchdixon update we have a very intense party going on, namely a sex one. And it’s very special being a BDSM fuck party. These two studs get bound and have their tight asses stretched to their limits by their horny dominating master. And be sure they enjoy every second of it. Just watch them go down on him in the best double blowjob we’ve ever seen.

They guys like it rough as you can already scene. They prepared everything for they hard BDSM scene and didn’t miss any time an foreplay. hey undressed each other and tied each other to the ropes that were hanging near the ceiling. The three of them started taking turns on getting their big hard cocks sucked and the fucking couldn’t miss it this hardcore scene of course. So don’t miss them out and check out the entire gallery to see how it all ended. If you wanna see some muscular gay guys fucking each other’s tight asshole. check out the http://chaosmen.org/ blog and have a great time inside it!

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Drake Jaden and Manu Perronash

Butch Dixon is back and Drake is back too in this awesome gallery of pictures where for a change he takes the more submissive role in the fuck. Manu takes great care though, as to fuck thoroughly Drake’s ass. And you can see him doing a wonderful job, that just leaves Drake moaning and craving more.

Drake just returned for the army and after being off for so long he sure needed a rough pounding like the old days. So he called his good old buddy and started fucking each other like crazy in a special room that Drake has in his basement. He just couldn’t get enough of his cock and didn’t stop sucking it until he got all covered with nasty jizz. Then he started shoving his hard cock in his butthole, over and over again. If you wanna see other hot gay guys fucking, enter the next door buddies site! Have fun and see you next time with more videos like this!

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Butch Dixon – Felix & Valentin

This week we have another two Butch Dixon men all hot and ready for some proper dicking. Valenitn got sick of his fuck chair and just needs some real deal cock slamming his tight ass. Well lucky for him Felix was on hand and aided his need for a big cock to suck on and have it fuck him balls deep in his ass hole.

Valentin got a phone call the other day for a job interview so he put on his suite and went to their offices. There he found his smoking hot boss waiting for him at his desk surrounded by boxes. Valentin got so horny once he saw and just couldn’t keep it for himself. So it didn’t took him too long to get undressed and on his knees in front of his future boss. He did such a great job sucking his fat cock that he was immediately hired by being such a hard worker. Also you can visit the http://fraternityx.us/ site and see some hot college dudes hammering one another!


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Samuel Colt and Aitor Crash

In these Butch Dixon videos we have Samuel and Aitor. The two guys look very masculine and they stated that they both like to lead in bed when with another man. Well since the two couldn’t decide who’ll lead fortunately they agreed to take turns in being the dominant male when ramming the other one’s asshole.

I know you like you man hot and ripped and that’s why we brought you these two hunks ready to show you how things are done. Samuel and Aitor aren’t at their first scene together and they sure have a great time together. Although they don’t seem the romantic time, they take their time and go step by step until they get to the fun part. Undressing each other, making out, sucking each others hard tool and after all of this they finally started hammering each other. Enjoy it! Also you can visit the boynapped.org site and see some horny gay guys sucking and riding big dicks!

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Drake and Sergio

We’re back this week and for these free Butch Dixon videos we have two new faces for you. Drake and Sergio didn’t seem like they’d have a nice synergy at first but we sure got a surprise. Drake knows how to pleasure a man and you bet Sergio was in for the best and deepest anal fuck he’d ever received.

Drake and Sergio are two hunks we found about the other day and made sure we got some pics from their hot scene together. They met and Drake’s place for a couples of beer and took advantage that they were all alone in the entire house and did some sucking and fucking as well. They didn’t even bother to get in to the house. In his backyard they started undressing each other and started hammering each other senseless. But not before they ended up sucking each others cock. If you want to see other muscled studs fucking each other’s tight ass, join the http://cazzoclub.net blog!


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