Butch Dixon – Best Bareback

Today’s new and fresh¬†Butch Dixon show is here and you can bet that you will be in for a good time. You always are, aren’t you guys? Well either way, in this scene we have a bit of a sensual compilation for you to get to see unfold. There’s lots of guys getting down and dirty for you and you just have to see the whole thing unfold here today without delay, if you are truly into seeing some hot guys with big cocks fucking each other nice and hard. We can promise that whatever you imagine this¬†ButchDixon scene being, it’s even better and you don’t have to take our word for it, just sit back and watch this show and see for yourselves!


The introductory bit to this little naughty fuck, is two guys getting to play quite kinky and you can see the stud in a full nelson hold as that massive cock stretches his tight ass nice and wide. Then you get to see some nice under shots of another guy getting to take it doggie style and once he’s done for, you can see another two playing on a couch. That bit is followed by some guys getting to fuck on the floor and another trio that seems to have wanted to go for a outdoor action scene and you can see the stud fucked from both ends this fine afternoon. And last but not least, two guys in the gym after they were done with training and they were superbly horny. Enjoy!

Enjoy watching these guys banging their asses!