Adam West and Eric Hagz

In this new and glorious¬†Butch Dixon update you can check out some more simply superb and sexy scenes featuring the hot muscled dude Adam West and his buddy for the afternoon named Eric Hagz and the two of them are planning to have quite a lot of fun with one another here just for your enjoyment. They have this afternoon all to themselves to play for and you can bet that some pretty juicy and hot things came out of it all too. So without further due, let’s get to show off some more¬†ButchDixon magic in this scene with the two guys fucking hard style. We bet that you will not be disappointed in what we have to offer to you today!

Eric is quite smaller on the scale of muscular body compared to Adam here, but as you can see Adam is quite the lovable bear as well. Eric was more than happy to get to have that cock all to his ass this afternoon and to show it, you get to see him sucking Adam off with a passion to make sure that his cock is nice and hard for his sexy ass too. Once that is nice and done, you can see Eric getting to let Adam use that big cock on his ass and sits back and enjoys the anal pounding that he gets from the guy for the rest of the scene. Enjoy it and do remember to come back again soon for some more extra amazing and juicy galleries everyone!


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